I also enjoy Business and Leadership - it encompasses my desire to engage with, empower, serve, and ultimately better whomever is interested and willing to better themselves.

Recently, I have found great joy in expanding my personalized, one-on-one tutoring services to helping small businesses. It now seems obvious that passionately helping groups of people to, in turn, help their customers would only serve to amplify the deep satisfaction I experience while doing this work.

It should be of no surprise that when it comes to Technology, Small Business tends to have a tumultuous relationship. Technology has opened countless doors for entrepreneurs to produce products and provide services in ways never before imagined. From blogs to social media; from ebay to etsy; from malicious hackers to incessant trolls -- the face of business is becoming more fluid everyday. Continuous change and evolution bring with it all manner of problems to solve: efficiency, cost effectiveness, workflow, and even pure throughput. There are numerous variables to consider in order to achieve the balance that's right for each individual business.

I certainly don't have all the answers; I am entirely self-taught and have the pleasure of continuously challenging myself while working with passionate, motivated teams to develop solutions to their unique requirements. If you are a small business owner facing problems or seeking advice unbiased by commissions, contact me to discuss your particular situation.

I'll help any way I can.

- andrej

Disclaimer - I am not I.T. support. I do not have a support retainer nor do I take support calls. I provide detailed information, analysis, and advice to best structure the technology in your business and am available to train employees in its use.