Over the years I have sought knowledge in a variety of disciplines. Formally, I studied Microbiology and Political Science for four years at Miami University. Informally, I have studied Photography, Design, Programming, Physics, Biochemistry, Nutrition, Real Estate, Business, Leadership and every manner of Technology. Over the years, one fact has become clear: Technology is the underlying thread and will only become increasingly essential to our lives.

The purpose in providing a tutoring service for Technology -- the purpose for the last several years -- has been understanding the technology all around us and developing my ability to effectively communicate and empower individuals to harness the amazing power they hold in their hands everyday. Simply using the Technology around us is not enough. A three year old can pick up an iPad and maneuver their way to their favorite app. Impressive as that may seem, that is not harnessing technology, that is consuming it. To harness is to control for a purpose; for many people the tech in their lives may feel like it is out of their control. If you are willing and motivated to learn and grow, I will do my absolute best to excite and empower you to take control of any technology.

All my sessions are accompanied by audio recordings and outlines of the personalized, one-on-one lessons plan to enable anyone to easily follow and repeat the lesson as many times as it takes to master the skills you want to have.

Technology can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. I've worked with parents and grandparents on tasks such as learning a new smartphone or creating a photobook. I've worked with college students developing Powerpoint and Photoshop skills to perform better at everyday workplace tasks. I've worked with artists learning to self-publish their first eBook, establishing a social media presence, and building passionate communities online. When considering your goals and your abilities, there is no standard or measure other than your potential improvement; there truly is no progress or goal too small.

If you are interested in better harnessing any technology in your life, contact me to discuss your goals and we will develop a plan to reach them.

- andrej

Disclaimer - I am not I.T. support. My purpose is to teach and empower, not to fix it. I will work diligently to teach you to master any tech in your life, but I will not do it for you.