Secure File Submission:

During the course of our day to day lives, it is often necessary to give out information that may be highly sensitive or personal in order to enable individuals and businesses to perform any number of tasks. Whether it is an application to rent an apartment, purchase a home, submit a W-2 to an accountant, we are constantly asked for highly sensitive and highly private data. These days, the majority of these transactions occur in a digital format - PDFs, Word Documents, etc. Unfortunately, methods such as email attachments are highly insecure methods of transferring these sensitive documents, as they were never designed with privacy and security in mind.

The most easy-to-use method I have found for document transfer is TLS (previously SSL). Secure Sockets Layer - now Transport Layer Security - is the protocol that keeps our data secure when visiting websites. You can see if a connection to a site is secure if there is a padlock symbol in the address bar.

Thanks to the team at Dropbox, I am able to provide an easy to use, private, and secure method to transfer documents to me.

Once you click on the button below, you will be taken to a Dropbox file submission page, protected by TLS Encryption. Any files submitted will be securely uploaded and stored. You do not have to sign in or have a Dropbox account.

No one will have access to these files except me.

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